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The Center for Cultural Anthropology - CANTHEL has been rated "A+" (maximum grade) by the AERES (national rating agency for research and higher education) for the quality of its scientific production (May 2, 2013)


The Center for Cultural Anthropology - CANTHEL has been awarded in 2012 with the nomination of two of its members to the prestigious Institut Universitaire de France : Marie-Luce Gélard (junior) and Erwan Dianteill (senior), head of the CANTHEL.

The CANTHEL is a research center in cultural anthropology. It is a component of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences - Sorbonne, where anthropology was established in France by Marcel Griaule, Andre Leroi-Gourhan, Roger Bastide and Georges Balandier. The CANTHEL is located at the Centre universitaire des Saints-Pères, across the river Seine from the Louvre.

The CANTHEL research team explores cross-cutting themes common to different cultural areas and sub-disciplines. The team focuses on conflict, instability, protest and disruptions of meaning, but also cultural accommodation and creation, on fields selected for their relevance.

All the researchers of the CANTHEL conduct fieldwork research on specific areas (Africa, Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe) ; they record speeches and written documents, images, observe actual practices. Ethnography, be it with classic or new methods, is the basis of cultural anthropology.

But field research always needs an epistemological reflexivity: what is the job of an anthropologist today? What are the valid methods and concepts of anthropology? How can we consider the issue of restitution of anthropological knowledge to those who are the subject of our research? What are the effects of anthropology on the cultures involved in our research?

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